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First matches on Thames and Pats results

Beginning of Season Trophy - 18th June - R. Thames

1st M. Smith 3lbs 2ozs

2nd J. Nash 2lbs 4ozs

3rd S. Dunbar 1lb 2ozs

4th B. Stannett 13ozs

5th P. Lewis 10ozs

6th J. Hewitson 4ozs

7th K. Hancock 2ozs

8th S. Hibbert 1oz

9th D. Brooks 0.5ozs

D. Hartley DNW

R. Needs DNW

S. White DNW

Club Match - 25th June - Upper St Pats

1st V. Davies 9lbs

2nd M. Smith 7lb 10ozs

3rd P. Lewis 4lb 9ozs

4th K. Hancock 3lb 12ozs

5th S. Hibbert 3lb 10ozs

6th J. Raison 3lb 6ozs

7th S. White 3lb 4ozs

8th J. Hewitson 2lb 10ozs

9th S. Dunbar 2lb 6ozs

10th P. Holland 2lb 3ozs

11th A. Powell 1lb 7ozs

11th B. Stannett 1lb 7ozs

13th D. Brooks 1lb

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