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COVID-19 Best Practice Guidelines

Dear Twyford members (Keen Match Anglers),


Please take time to read the important COVID-19 best practice guidelines. These temporary requirements are key so we can continue and enjoy our sport, some of the decisions I have made may not be popular with some of you but its important you all comply.


I have been shielding my young son for 12 weeks now by following the government guidelines and I don’t want to put that at any further risk, plus I am sure there are many of you in the same situation, hence why you will understand the requirements I have put in place.  I am aware there are regular updates and I/we the committee will review on a regular basis and update accordingly.


In the meantime, please read the requirements and hopefully I will see you on the first match 21st June, have you booked in yet?


Kind Regards

Simon Hibbert (Match Officer)


Running Competitions

  • Subject to close season, owner and fishery specific restrictions. Competitions will be
    permitted on all waters where social distancing guidance can be adhered to. This would
    include commercial fisheries, canals, rivers and lakes.

  • All competitors will fish on allocated “pegs”. It is the organisers responsibility to ensure that
    these pegs are appropriately spaced to ensure that social distancing is maintained at all


R. Thames and St Patrisk's Stream support this best practice, swims are spaced out and supports social distancing, especially when moving from one swim to another.


R. Kennet requires a review as passing swims is challenging and crossing the railway line involves teamwork. 2nd August match on the R. Kennet will probably be moved to St. Patrick's Stream. TBC

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