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Beginning of the Season Trophy

20th June 2021 - Upper St Pats

A tough start to the season, the deluge of rain on Friday probably did not help with some very low weights recorded. Mat was lucky enough to draw the letterbox/gravel swim which always fishes well and produces the big Dace, a winning weight of 8lb 2ozs. Jerry was pegged in one of the winter pegs, but the recent good work from fisheries team and volunteers of clearing the underwater snags allowed this peg to be fished and produced some good Dace and small Chub.

Full results -

1. Mat Smith 8lb 2ozs

2. Jerry Hewitson 6lb 2ozs

3. Vince Davies 4lb 10ozs

4. Chris Smith 2lb 8ozs

5. Jamie Nash 2lb 7ozs

6. John Raison 2lb

7. Keith Hancock 1lb 14ozs

8. Pete Lewis 1lb 13ozs

9. Colin Rumney 1lb 11ozs

10. Alan Powell 1lb 3ozs

11. Paul Cooper 1lb 2ozs

12. Simon Hibbert 1lb

13. Bill Lawrence 14ozs

Next match Upper St Pats - 27th June 9am draw, please make sure you book in

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