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River Loddon - Whistley Mill

This stretch of the Loddon is adjacent to Causeway lake and covers the bank from Whistley Bridge upstream and past the old ‘Bailey’ bridge – approximately 200 metres in total.

This relatively short stretch of the river Loddon is great for roving, with shallow gravel glides and deep pools. In summer months it is possible to spot fish in the clear water. Fishing begins at the road bridge and ends at the upstream signage. Specimen barbel and chub are the target species, though good sport can also be had with roach and dace.


Limited parking is available in the lay-by next to the bridge at the downstream end of the fishery.

Fishery Access

The fishery can be accessed by the road bridge at the downstream end of the river.


6am to 9pm under our agreement with the riparian owner. However, joining the Whistley Mill night syndicate also allows members to fish the river Loddon at night on the adjacent bank (Western Bank) although the majority of members join the night syndicate to fish Whistley Mill lake for Carp.

Fishery Rules

Club rules apply.

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