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River Loddon - Sandford

Located on Sandford Lane between the Woodley Airfield estate and Hurst, this stretch of the river Loddon is owned by the club and offers excellent barbel, chub and silver fishing in intimate ‘miles from anywhere’ surroundings. Wider on the upper pegs and shallow and gravelly in the middle, the river varies in width and runs over gravel for almost its entire length. Though it runs straight, a couple of derelict man made weir structures provide some welcome features. The old mill pool just before the road bridge adds character as well as the promise of specimen sized pike and carp.


The fisheries team carried out a lot of work during the 2000/2001 close season, installing fishing platforms or bank supports at every peg. This was necessary as the Loddon rises very quickly after rain, and the banks are susceptible to erosion. It is hoped the provision of the stages will eliminate the need for members to cut away banks to site their chairs or boxes.


Club car park on Sandford Lane. Key required.

From Woodley off to the right on Sandford Lane, after crossing Sandford Bridge.

Postcode: RG10 0SX 

Fishery Access

Right bank from Sandford Bridge upstream to Dinton Pastures boundary marker.


16th June to 14th March inclusive. No restrictions.

Fishery Rules

Club rules apply.

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