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Twyford Charity Match

6th September 2020 - Bungalow Lake - Gold Valley Lakes

John Raison of Gold Valley Lakes (Twyford member) kindly offered Bungalow lake free of charge to hold a Twyford charity match in aid of raising some funds for Les Webber's Angling Projects. John hosted a fantastic day, bacon sarnies in the morning, followed up after the match with sandwiches and cake. Some prizes were also donated from Diawa & Preston.

It was a great event and on behalf of the club I would like to say a massive thank you to John and his family for a wonderful day enjoyed by everyone. Les Webber, also a Twyford member came along to see the weigh in and presented the trophy to winner (Mat Smith)

Well done everyone, looking forward to the next one......

1st - Mat Smith - 37lbs 8ozs

2nd - Vince Davies - 27lbs 10ozs

3rd - Jerry Hewitson - 22lbs 10ozs

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