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Match Results - Upper Pats 7th Oct

This match was fished for the Christopher Cutts Trophy.

The river was in good condition, clear and a good flow, weather was sunny and reasonably warm for the time of year.

The winner was Pete Lewis with 11lb, second was Colin Rumney with 8lb 12oz and third was Simon HIbbert with 5lb 12oz

Only 8 anglers fished the match which was a shame as the river fished well! 8 anglers caught a total of 44.5lbs of fish at an average of 5.56lbs per angler.

There were some nice Dace showing as well as Roach and Perch and small chub.

The Golden Peg was not one.

The points awarded for this match are: P Lewis 10 C Rumney 9 S Hibbert 8 K Taylor 7 J Green 6 J Chisholm 5 R Davies 4 P Holland 3

The Points competition standing are below:

V Davies 58 P Lewis 55 C Rumney 42 S Hibbert 39 J Chisolm 25 J Green 23 K Taylor 21 P Holland 21 G Smith 19 R Davies 16 R Needs 10 A Powell 8 S White 8 C Smith 6 J Hewitson 4 G Lucas 4 N White 4 B Morton 4 R Herman 2 D Brooks 1

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