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Match Results River Kennet 18 Nov 2018

This was the first official Club match held on the Kennet at Woolhampton. As there are no permanent peg markers it was decided to make the match a "walk off" drawing for who goes first etc. This match also counted for the Golden Peg and the Points competition.

The river was flowing gently and was fairly clear, the weather was cold with a wind at times but bright and sunny. I would like to thank Rod Needs for bringing a pole saw which was used a fair bit on the towpath section. The winner was Jerry Hewitson with a really nice Chub of 4lb 14oz, second wasJohn Green with 1lb 9oz and third was John Chisholm with 15oz. A total of 8 anglers caught 9.9lbs of fish at an average of 1.2lbs per angler. Most fish caught were Roach and Chub.

Points awarded for this match:

J Hewitson 10 J Green 9 J Chisholm 8 P Lewis 7 S Hibbert 6 C Smith 5 D Brooks 4

Total Points to date (Remember the two lowest points scores will be dropped, I will do this once the last match has been completed) P Lewis 62 V Davies 58 S Hibbert 53 C Rumney 42 J Green 35 J Chisolm 33 K Taylor 30 P Holland 26 C Smith 21 G Smith 19 R Davies 18 R Needs 16 J Hewitson 14 A Powell 9 D Brooks 9 R Herman 9 S White 8 G Lucas 4 N White 4 B Morton 4

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