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Match Results Pats 4th November 18

This was a Club match fished on the Upper Pats, the weather was slightly cold with the occasional rain shower and a breeze. This match counted for the Points competition and the Golden Peg.

The river had a good flow but was very clear making fishing difficult, low weights were the order of the day.Most fisf caught were roach, perch and very small chub.

The winner was Chris Smith with 5lb 2oz, second was Kevin Taylor with 2lb 10oz and third was Simon Hibbert with 1lb 6oz,

The Golden Peg was not won.

Points awarded for this match were: C Smith 10 K Taylor 9 S Hibbert 8 R Herman 7 R Needs 6 P Holland 5 D Brooks 4 J Green 3 R Davies 2 A Powell 1

The running Points total so far:

V Davies 58 P Lewis 55 S Hibbert 47 C Rumney 42 K Taylor 30 J Green 26 P Holland 26 J Chisolm 25 G Smith 19 R Davies 18 R Needs 16 C Smith 16 A Powell 9 R Herman 9 S White 8 D Brooks 5 J Hewitson 4 G Lucas 4 N White 4 B Morton 4

Posted by: John Green

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