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Match Results Kennet 11th August 2019

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

This was a normal Club Match fished on the BA/TDFC stretch of the Kennet.

Weather - Warm & sunny with a brisk wind at times.

River Conditions - As normal for this stretch the river had a steady flow and was very coloured. Most fish caught were Roach, Bleak and some Bream. Boat traffic was not too bad considering the time of year. Most fish were caught early in the match some pegs stopped fishing after the first hour.

Results - The match was won by Vince Davies with 6lb 14oz, second was Simon Hibbert with 3lb 4oz and third was John Chisholm with 2lb 8oz.

Golden Peg - The golden Peg was not won.

Match Results

Points for this Match

Post by John Green

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