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Match Result Loddon 21st October 18

This match was fished away on the 21 Clubs waters at Charvil on the River Loddon. The 21 Clubs waters are spread over 3 parts of the Loddon and the match was pegged over all 3 parts.

The winner was Vince Davies with 12lb 12oz, second was Ray Davies with 7lb 15oz and third was Colin Rumney with 5lb 5oz. the top 3 places to TDFC! A total of 19 angler caught 50.7lbs of fish with an average of 2.7lbs per angler. That said the fishing was very patchy seven anglers did not catch at all! For those of us drawn on the Old River it was hard work for little return. The Loddon was flowing well but very clear, the weather started off cold and misty but warmed up well.

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