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Match Report - Thames August 25 2019

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

This was a Club match fished for the Thames Championship. It was also August Bank Holiday. Will try not to schedule this weekend next year, too many learner drivers on the Thames.

Weather - Very Hot 30°C plus, bright sun,very little cloud, occasional downstream breeze.

River Conditions - The Thames had a very slow flow, a little colour and lots of boat traffic. The sheer amount of fry and small fish about was amazing.

Results - The match was won by Pete Lewis with 12lb 9oz, second was Steve White with 9lb 1oz, and third was Vince Davies with 8lb 10oz. Most fish caught were bleak, perch and roach.

Golden Peg The Golden Peg was not won.

Match Averages 12 Anglers caught 53lb of fish at an average of 4.4lbs per angler.

Points for this match Name Weight Points

P Lewis 12.5625 10

S White 9.0625 9

V Davies 8.625 8

A Powell 4.0625 7

R Coxwell 4.0625 7

K Hancock 3.3125 5

J Hewitson 2.8125 4

C Smith 2.75 3

C Rumney 2.5 2

B Lawrence 2.4375 1

Overall Points Table

Name Points

V Davies 56

S Hibbert 38

P Lewis 29

C Rumney 28

A Powell 28

K Hancock 27

J Chisholm 19

J Deasy 16

M Smith 15

R Needs 12

B Lawrence 11

J Hewitson 10

C Smith 9

S White 9

K Taylor 7

R Coxwell 7

B Morton 6

J Green 4

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