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Match Report - Thames 22nd September 2019

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

General Comments This was an inter Club match between the 21Club and TDFC.There was a good turnout of anglers for this match with twenty one anglers taking part,

Weather The weather was extremely variable! At the start of the match it was warm and pleasant then a little later changed to heavy rain and strong winds then changing to a light drizzle.

River Conditions The Thames had a very slow flow, the water was very clear, boat traffic was light (probably due to the weather)

Results The match was won by Vince Davies with 5lb 9oz of roach and bleak, second was Matt Smith with 5lb 7oz mostly bleak and third was Jerry Hewitson with 3lb 10oz.

Golden Peg As this was an inter club match the Golden Peg was not fished for.

Match Averages The averages are quite low which reflects the hard fishing and conditions.

Anglers 21 Total weight 31.5lbs Weight per angler 1.5lbs

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