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Hot, Hot, Hot

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Venue - River Thames - Pole Trophy (Pole/Whip only match) - 9th August

Weather - Hot 33° with a light breeze blowing upstream

9 anglers braved the hot temperatures and booked in for the match. Thames proved hard again with the Roach still not showing in numbers, however, the Bleak were about in abundance.

1st place John Raisin 5lb 4ozs, a couple of Perch but mainly Bleak (179 according to John's counter)

2nd place Pete Lewis 4lb 14ozs, Pete had a few nice Roach on the tare early on but they were not there in numbers for the taking, worm caught him a few Perch

3rd place Simon Hibbert 4lb 14ozs, I persevered on the chopped worm line and caught mainly Perch, I also lost a few bigger ones, potentially costing me the match and Golden Peg :-(

Please book in early as possible for next match (16th August - St Pats) with YOTAC/21 Club, they have a few interested so need to know numbers ASAP please

Full results below ......................

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