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Keepnets & Weighing In

The match officer will record the weights, a nominated person will take on the roll as weighing official.

  • When the two officials arrive at the peg, the weighing official will put the equipment in place.

  • When instructed to do so, the competitor will tip all fish from keep-net into the supported weigh sling, maintaining social distancing and avoid touching the weigh sling.

  • Once complete (all fish in the weigh sling) the competitor moves away to allow the weigh official to pick up the weigh sling and place on tripod.

  • The weigh official captures the weight and agrees with competitor (maintaining social distancing) and tells the match officer who records the weight.

  • The weigh official returns the fish to the water.

  • The process is then repeated until all competitors have been weighed in.

  • Once a competitor has been weighed in, they continue to pack up and return directly to their vehicle.

2020-06-03 17_45_38-Twyford matches - Go
2020-06-03 17_46_04-Twyford matches - Go

Note: A huge thank you to Colin Rumney for acquiring/constructing the equipment, so we are able to continue with Twyford competitive matches.

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