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    1. The Members handbook comprises the entire regulations of the club and members should ensure they read and familiarise themselves with it before fishing club waters.

    2. No person shall use Club waters unless in possession of a Members ID Card (and associated annual confirmation email) or a valid Guest Permit and to produce such for inspection if required to do so by a Club Bailiff, another Club Member or any other responsible person. Failure to produce this proof when requested will result in the angler(s) being asked to leave the water.

    3. Any Member has the authority of Club Bailiff and is encouraged to challenge any angler on Club waters.

    4. All Members and Guests must be in possession of a current Environment Agency Rod License

    5. When a Senior Member or Concessionary Member is accompanied by a child under the age of 12 years then that child may fish without a Membership Card or Guest Permit provided there is no abuse of the privilege. Such child MUST fish in the same swim as the supervising Member and a total of only two rods be in use in the swim.

    6. Any Member who wins and accepts a Club Trophy will be held responsible for that Trophy until the Trophy is returned to a Club official. Any loss or damage to the Trophy must be made up in full by that person to the satisfaction of the Club Committee. Failure to make up any loss or damage to the Committee's satisfaction will result in the person being ruled ineligible to rejoin the Club.

    7. The Committee reserves the right to close Club waters at their discretion.


    1. Annual subscriptions are due by 1st June in order to guarantee membership for that year which runs from 16th June until 15th June the following year. (Members must renew their membership during that period otherwise they may be treated as a new applicant)

    2. All applications must include a photo to be used on the club permit (plastic id card). The photo can be sent with the application or emailed directly to the membership secretary.

    3. Children under 12 who cannot fish with an adult member (i.e. parents not into fishing) can join as a Junior but must be accompanied at all times by an adult.

    4. Membership should be renewed online via the club website or if that isn’t possible it can be renewed via one of the local tackle shops, by post or as notified in the AGM announcement or in the club newsletter(s).

    5. Members must notify the Membership Secretary, in writing or by email, of any change of address, e-mail address or other details as soon as possible.

    6. Night Permit for Whistley Mill - Members wishing to fish after 9pm at Whistley Mill (lake and river) must purchase. This is optional and for adult Members only.

    7. Data Protection - To read our Data Protection policy document click here.


    1. Senior and Concessionary Members may bring non-member anglers onto Club waters through a Guest Permit. A maximum of two Guest Permits per day, per member, must be purchased in advance and guests must always be accompanied on the same water by the member(s) concerned.

    2. For clarity the same water means a Club water with the same name e.g. Upper St Patrick’s Stream.

    3. Guests are subject to the rules in this Members Handbook. The Club member(s) accompanying the guest(s) is responsible for ensuring guests are aware of and adhere to the rules.

    4. Guest Permits are not available during the Environmental Agency Close Season on Club still waters.

    5. Guest Permits are available from:

      • The Tackle Box, Woodley

      • Maidenhead Angling Supplies, White Waltham           

      • Yateley Angling Centre, Yateley                            

      • Online at


    1. The Club will not accept any responsibility for personal injury to Members and Guests, or for loss of, or damage to, personal property caused as a result of them exercising their right to fish Club waters.

      1. Any Member causing damage will be held personally responsible for that damage.


    1. Where available, the clubs designated car parks should always be used.

    2. Members must not block gateways of either Club waters or those of other property owners and must respect the privacy of residents.

    3. Within Club waters, motor vehicles are restricted to designated car parks and may not be driven elsewhere without the prior permission of the Fisheries Officer or his nominee.

    4. Stiles and gates must be used in passing over property. Keep all gates closed and locked at all times.

    5. Anglers should keep to designated paths within Club waters, or where there is no path, to within 3 metres of the water’s edge, or within 1 metre of any fence line.

    6. No fires (incl. barbecues unless at authorised club events) shall be lit or tents pitched. Camping/hiking/fishing type stoves are allowed.

    7. Family picnics are not allowed on Club waters, but one non-fishing guest may accompany a Member provided there is no abuse of the privilege and the guest is in the same swim as the Member.

    8. Children under 12 may fish without a permit if accompanied by an adult member – except for night fishing at Whistley Mill, where no children are allowed on the fishery. The club offer various coaching events and non fishing parents should consider attending so they can learn basic fishing skills and gain an awareness of safety around water.

    9. Dogs (unless totally prohibited under specific fishery rules) are permitted on Club waters provided they are kept under complete control and on a lead.

    10. The use of radios or portable players of any type or nature must be used with due regard to the peace and tranquillity of others.

    11. There is no fishing allowed on Borough Marsh Stream - the river from the Thames to Lower St. Patrick’s Stream.

    12. Anglers must be off Club waters within 15 minutes of any published closing time for that water.

    13. Anglers must not interfere with, move or remove any signage on club waters, including Power Line signs.


    1. No Club Member or Guest is permitted to fish between yellow "No Fishing" signs at any time or for any reason. If anyone is caught doing so they will be brought in front of the Committee.

      1. Power lines cross the River Loddon at Sandford Mill and Loddon Drive, Charvil, and St. Patrick's Stream both upstream and downstream of Loddon Drive. THEY CAN KILL.

      2. Warning signs mark the locations of these power lines. Do not fish in the marked areas. If you ignore these signs you are risking serious injury or death and may be subject to Club disciplinary action in accordance with the above Club Rule.


    1. No fish may be killed or taken away from Club waters without the prior permission of the Fisheries Officer or his nominee.

    2. No fishing shall be permitted on Club running waters during the Environmental Agency coarse fishing close season.


    1. Between 15th March and 15th June, no keep-nets are allowed on Club enclosed/still waters.

    2. Members and Guests are expected to use tackle and methods appropriate to the swim conditions and to safeguard the welfare of the fish.

      • Not permitted: fixed or tethered ledger methods. Permitted: safety clips and helicopter rigs.

      • Recommended: use line strength appropriate to target species, using a hook length which is weaker than the main line.

      • Members and Guests MUST carry and use an unhooking mat at all times when targeting specimen fish and follow the Fish Handling Code -see end of Rule Book. It is highly recommended that ALL Members and Guests carry and use an unhooking mat regardless of their targeted quarry.

      • If a Member or Guest is targeting Barbel, Pike, Bream, or Carp they MUST be in possession of and use a landing net of a minimum 30 inches in the case of a pan type net or 36 inches in the case of a triangular net. The net must be deep enough to safely rest the fish until it is fully recovered.

    3. Anglers must not leave any rods with lines in the water unattended and no baited hook to be left unattended on the bank side.

    4. All disposable metal containers are banned from Club waters, with the exception of night fishing at The Causeway Lake.

    5. Members and Guests will be held to be responsible for the removal of all litter in the vicinity of their swim.

    6. Members must cause minimum damage to bank side vegetation. Specifically, pruning or cutting of any trees and saplings anywhere on Club waters is not permitted.


    1. Only Members and Guests who are experienced in handling pike safely should, for safety’s sake fish for pike on club waters. Those without experience should learn from an experienced angler before attempting to fish for pike, the club will hold 2 pike matches annually where those without experience can learn.

    2. All Members and Guests fishing for Pike MUST be in possession of the following:

      • Traces must be a minimum length of 15in and not less than 25lb breaking strain wire must be used irrespective of whether you are bait or lure fishing. 15 inches is the minimum safe length to ensure that the teeth do not come into contact with the line above the trace.

      • Forceps for unhooking of a minimum 9 inches in length (preferably 2 pairs). Forceps are preferable to pliers as they can be clamped on the shank of the hook to facilitate removal. Two pairs can be useful with a fish that is awkwardly hooked; it also leaves one pair to use in the event of losing a set.

      • Side cutters able to cut problem hooks when caught in the soft throat tissue or gill rakers. In the event of it being impossible to remove a hook it is better to cut through the hook than cut the wire and leave an intact hook in the fish.

      • A sensitive and effective bite detector system which shows ‘drop back’ as well as runs. Minimum bite indication acceptable is a float. With poor bite indication it is possible for the pike to swallow the bait which can lead to a number of issues such as biting through the main line above the trace, deep hooking etc.

    3. No more than two treble hooks may be used on any one trace and they must be semi-barbless or barbless.

    4. When Perch fishing with live or dead fish baits or lure fishing, a wire trace must be used.


    1. The following shall be the Club's standards for specimen fish:

      • Barbel 12lb

      • Bream 8lb

      • Carp 20lb

      • Chub 5lb

      • Dace 6oz

      • Perch 1lb 8oz

      • Pike 15lb

      • Roach 1lb 8oz

      • Tench 7lb

      • Trout 2lb

    2. Specimen fish are eligible on any day when a Club water is officially open. Fish must be weighed in and witnessed by at least one other Senior/Concessionary member. Details of the fish shall be notified to a Committee member within seven days of capture and the Club reserve the right to have the accuracy of the scales verified.

    3. All fish must be weighed in alive.

    4. Guests are not eligible to receive trophies for specimen fish.

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