Twyford & District Fishing Club
River Loddon - Charvil

A very under fished stretch of water running from the A4 bridge to its meeting with St. Patrick’s Stream. 

Fishing on this stretch can be quite hard, but the rewards can be good for both the hard working and patient angler. Good shoals of bream can be found towards the junction with St Pats, as well as good chub and barbel.

The 50 yards or so of river adjacent to “Herons Reach” is private.  Anglers need to go back along Loddon Drive to our middle car park to access the river above the house. 

The swims in the field immediately upstream from Herons Reach are good for barbel and quality autumn roach. 

Moving upstream into the main field, the swims up to the power lines are good for barbel and chub, with the swims along the high bank providing roach, chub and bream as the main quarry. The bends produce chub mostly, backed up with roach and dace, but barbel and perch can all be found here.

The wides by the flow gauge look likely to turn up some good bream, with the odd one or two being caught last year.  The area opposite “Riverways” is good for roach and barbel and the rest of the river to the A4 Bridge turns up just about everything.

At no time should anglers walk through the Maize field to reach the river.

We also have the fishing rights to the river on the opposite bank. This bank is approached by the drive to “Riverways” cottage and the stretch runs to the fence by the treatment plant.