Twyford & District Fishing Club
River Loddon - Sandford

Our own stretch of the Loddon, is situated in the middle of Dinton Pastures Country Park. This is a very attractive stretch of river approximately half a mile in length. The river is wider in the upper pegs, shallow and streamy in the centre, terminating in the old weir pool at the lower end of the stretch.

The fisheries team carried out a lot of work during the 2000/2001 close season, installing fishing platforms or bank supports at every peg. This was necessary  as the Loddon rises very quickly after rain, and the banks are susceptible  to erosion. It is hoped the provision of the stages will eliminate the need for members to cut away banks to site their chairs or boxes.

The fishing here is varied and most species can be caught. Barbel grow into double  figures and are caught fairly regularly, try pegs 18 and 19. Chub can be caught  all along, but 13 and 14 are better than most. Pegs in the lower numbers used to produce good bream, but as these pegs have not been fished regularly for  a few years, we are not sure if they are still there. Trees and bankside vegetation have been cleared to regain access to pegs 1 to 7, so let us know what you catch.

Don't  forget a fish caught from Sandford once held the British record. Some of it's cousins can still be found in the lower pegs, try 22.

Two final points, please keep the gate locked at all times as the car park has  been used by fly-tippers. Spray yourself or cover well up as the mosquitoes are the size of dragonflies, and bite like they have never eaten before.