Twyford & District Fishing Club
How to join Twyford & District Fishing Club

The fees on this page are for new members joining for the 2017/18 Season (16th June 2017 to 15th June 2018). The renewal form for existing members can be found in the members area.

Senior (26 - 64)  £94.00
Pensioner (65 and over) £65.00
Intermediate (17 - 25) £39.00
Junior (16 and below) FREE
Registered Disabled (concessionary EA license) £65.00
Note: Age is calculated as of 1st June 2017.
Joining Fee
The fees above include a one-off £15 joining fee payable in the 1st year only. Juniors do not pay any joining fee.
Fishery Maintenance
The fees above include an annual fishery levy of £10 (Senior) or £6 (Pensioner & Intermediate). Juniors and Registered Disabled members do not pay the fishery levy.
Key Fee
Most members will need to purchase a key for £5 in addition to the fees above. The key provides access to the main car park serving St Patricks Stream/Thames/Loddon (Charvil) and also a smaller car park at Whistley Mill.
The cost is kept separate as some members may not need the key, for example juniors who always fish with another member or members who only fish specific venues. 
Night Permit for Whistley Mill
Members wishing to fish after 9pm at Whistley Mill (lake and river) must purchase an additional permit for £45.
This is optional and for adult Members only.
Reading & District Angling Association
TDFC members may optionally join RDAA. See application form for prices.
Young Children
Children under 12 may fish without a permit if accompanied by an adult member - except for night fishing at Whistley Mill, where no children are allowed on the fishery.
Children under 12 who cannot fish with an adult member (i.e. parents not into fishing) can join as a Junior but must be accompanied at all times by an adult.
The club offer various coaching events and non fishing parents should consider attending so they can learn basic fishing skills and gain an awareness of safety around water.
All applications must include a photo to be used on the club permit (plastic id card). The photo can be sent with the application or emailed directly to the membership secretary.
Data Protection
To read our Data Protection policy document click here.