Twyford & District Fishing Club

This page provides answers to some of the questions frequently received by the club.

Is there a waiting list to join TDFC?

There is currently no waiting list to join the club. In past years we have reached the membership limit, but at the moment there are a few spaces available.

Is TDFC affiliated to RDAA?

Yes. Members of TDFC can optionally purchase a permit for RDAA.

Occasional confusion arises as both clubs control fisheries called Whistley Mill. The car parks for both these venues are located on Whistley Mill Lane; in fact they are almost opposite each other! The TDFC venue is located to the south of the road, whereas the RDAA venue is to the north. The official name of the TDFC venue is Whistley Mill, however it is often referred to as Causeway.

Is night fishing allowed?

Yes, on certain waters under the normal permit. Members can fish all night on Sandford Mill, the Thames, Upper St Pats and the Loddon at Charvil. Night fishing on the lower St Pats is allowed until midnight, but only up to 21:30 in swims 67 and 68 to avoid disturbing local residents. Whistley Mill fishery (Causeway lake and the river Loddon upstream of Whistley Bridge) is only available for night fishing to holders of the club's Night Permit, limited to a maximum of 50 members. No night fishing is permitted at Pavillions Pond.

Can I buy Day tickets?

No, TDFC do not issue day tickets for any of our own fisheries.
Some of the shared waters are available on a day ticket (for example Church Farm at Yateley), but always check with the controlling club first.

Members can purchase guest tickets. See the members area for price and outlet information.