Twyford & District Fishing Club
Specimen Angling

The specimen page is here for all anglers from match anglers through to the carp anglers, from the novice to the most experienced big fish men/women. Specimen angling is the art of catching  big fish of a chosen species from various waters both running and still; it is there to be enjoyed by all. Within T&DFC waters we have some wonderful opportunities  to catch some very big fish from some great waters.

The Thames is a truly underrated and often overlooked river capable of producing some huge fish. Carp are present  and barbel are being caught during matches and by pleasure anglers, along with  some very big chub and bream. At the tail end of 99 a 7lb+ chub was taken just  upstream at Sonning and reported in the Angling Times and the Angler's Mail. If the time and effort were to be put in I'm sure there will be a lot of people  surprised by what comes out.

St Patrick's Stream both Upper and Lower sections are capable of producing some very big fish. A lovely water that is just a pleasure to be on, St Pats has, over the last few years been producing some quality fish and is improving season by season. Big chub, roach, barbel and carp have been caught as well as other species such as dace that have yet to be targeted. St Pats is bound to throw up a few more surprises  this coming season.

The Loddon at Charvil receives little attention, but again is capable of producing big fish. Big barbel have been both seen and caught as well as chub and other species. The Loddon is well  worth spending some time on and you will not be disappointed.

Sandford Mill does not receive the attention it should with big fish throughout. The guys fishing just above our stretch at Dinton have had some exceptional barbel and chub and some of our members have had the same experience throughout Sandford Mill. Again it's the same as Charvil some big fish are there  to be had.

Whistley Mill Fisheries lake (Causeway), well there's what we know and there's the rumours and if the rumours are anything to go by then we really have something in the Causeway. Large tench and bream have already  been taken here and the carp and pike are as yet an unknown quantity, but watch  this space. With the start of close season fishing and the opening of nights  (additional permit) on this water I'm sure a few of the Causeway's secrets will unfold. With 38 acres of water, long walks and few accessible swims it won't be easy, but with some perseverance someone will crack this one (or have they already?). It's sure to receive a lot more attention than in the past and is  one to watch.

With specimen anglers being  famous for their secrecy its been difficult to give a more in-depth insight into our waters, it would also be unfair to them to divulge to much. These are  your waters and the site is new, we need feedback from yourselves as to what you do and don't want to see on these pages.